Behind the Screen

MN - Behind the Screen
  • See our code in your digital skies, users?
    Lines that fly and designs
    They say another app’s launching, coding late through the night
    Do you even know what we’re building for you
    Off the screen?
    Did they show you?
    Underneath the interface, a matrix all concealed
    Algorithms intertwine, like secrets never revealed
    The unsung heroes typing, where virtuality thrives
    They’re the architects of the future, etching digital lives
    In a world so connected, they’re the heartbeat, the core
    Crafting realms out of code, always coding for more
    Clicks and keys go pound and tap, such an electric sight (such a sight)
    Dreaming up the systems that’ll run without a glitch
    In the glow of monitors, brainstorm in overdrive
    In the silence of their minds, they bring the world to life
    With every line they’re drawing, a gateway opens wide
    Bridging ones and zeroes, where our dreams and truths collide
    In their haven of ideas, the coders soldier on (soldier on)
    In the hum of server farms, creation sings its song
    They’re the wizards of our age, in a symphony of code
    Crafting pixels into life, with each command bestowed
    They’re the modern-day magicians, with the power in their hands
    Turning visions into reality, weaving through data strands
    Scrolling lines, a wizard’s tale, written in the code (written in)
    Chasing bugs through digital sprawl, where data rivers flowed
    They rig the gears of cyberspace, threading through the maze
    Scripting out the future in a binary haze
    In this silicon canvas, they paint a world pristine
    Virtuoso coders, behind the silver screen
    In their orbit of the web, where all the links connect
    Tapping out a rhythm, in logic so perfect
    Their coffee fuels the night, as the functions intertwine
    Dream builders in the code, where they let their genius shine
    Sometimes silent, but their minds are loud
    Painting pixels, in a digital cloud

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